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Q. As you have a fee for service payment system after setup what support do i get for free and what do I have to pay for?
A. You get free set up for webhosting and email, support is provided via email for things like "the website or email is not working?" and for things like how do I use my business email etc. Reference will be made to specific help topics for support on many issues. Specific requests for changes, modifications and extra work will be handled as a fee for service. Troubleshooting your computer, tablet or mobile phone issues will be handled as a fee for service.

Q. If the business email is not working how do you contact me?
A. First your private email address or if none a txt message.

Q. If I order a full email and webhosting account is it the same as above?
A. Generally yes but a different support and help service is available by logging into the hosting account and some things can be done by yourself such as password changes, site modifications etc. If you do not want to handle the server account directly yourself the fee for service applies as per above.

Q. Why do I need a license for each image I provide?
A. Many images on the web are copyrighted and supplied images can be provided free or downloaded but copyright is unknown. For each image to ensure claims for breach of copyright are not made down the track a valid license should be provided even if public domain. This is protect yourself and this website. If you have taken the photo yourself please advise. It is better to search on websites selling images rather than doing a google image search and downloading whatever you like.